Sharing Cindy Chapter 33 "Cindy and Jim Make a Video For Me"

I felt my cock start to twitch and begin to harden.Having her press her ass into it was helping it along nicely.I again place my hand onto her leg and began to move it up under her skirt. She grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

“Ah, Ah, Ah……you have to wait.”

What?What did she mean by that?I wasn’t about to wait. Another man had had her for the past few hours and I am supposed to wait?

“I want to go take a nice bath and then we can talk all about my night.” She began to get up.

I tried to pull her back down. “Let’s get real dirty and then we can both take a shower together” I tried.

“No. You have to wait. But I have something that will make your wait enjoyable.”With that, she reached down into her purse and pulled out a DVD. It was in a clear case with no writing on it.My heart skipped a beat.

“Did you guys record this?” I asked, beginning to get excited.I couldn’t believe my luck.

“We did, but it might be a little different than what you are expecting.” She handed it to me and walked away. “I will meet you in the bedroom when it’s over,” she said as she walked down the hallway.

Needless to say I broke some records popping it into the player and turning on the TV.I sat back and waited for it to start.When the screen lit up, there was a shot of what I assume is Jim’s living room.I watch as Jim walks into the frame, carrying what looks like a bowl of water.Then I see Cindy walk in wrapped in a towel.Did I miss something? She sat down on a big comfy lounger her had, facing the camera.

“Hi Baby.I know you always ask me to record some of my fun and Jim has agreed to help me out with it tonight.She almost spoiled the surprise earlier when I was leaving.”

I saw Jim come back into the frame carrying another towel and a can of shave cream and a razor.Oh my god, he’s going to shave her! Now I knew why she was a little hairy earlier. I was going to love this.

“Jim has always had a fantasy of shaving a woman and unfortunately, none of his earlier girlfriends would let him.I thought it might be fun so I said I would, but only if we could film it for you.”With that, she stood up and undid the towel.Her skin had a nice rosy glow to it so I assume she had gotten into the shower for a few minutes to soften up her pubes.

She turned and spread the towel out onto the lounger and laid back down, with her crotch pointing directly towards the camera.Jim dipped a wash cloth into the bowl of warm water and began to rub it across her mound. “MMMMM Baby.He’s getting me ready.Making it nice and soft. Of couse it might get a little too wet if he keeps that up!” She laughed and so did he.He actually bent down and planted a kiss right on it.

“Not now Jim, honey.Save that for after.” She pushed his head away and laughed.

He reached over and picked up the can of shave cream and filled his hand with it. Then he took his hand and began to cover her pubic area with it.I could hear her moan a little ad he spread it around.It looked like he took his time and made sure it was covering her very well.Of course, I think it was just an excuse to touch her more.

“Does Keith ever shave you?” he asked her.

“Sometimes.I have just gotten so used to doing it in the shower that he usually misses out unless he asks me in advance and we let it grow a little.He likes to have me lie back on the bed and when he is done he claims he has to check for stragglers with his tongue.”

“Hmmm, you know, I think he’s right. That might be the best way to check.” He looked up at the camera and winked.

After he had her completely covered, he wet the razor in the water and began to shave her.Unfortunately in order to do so, he had to get close to see and his body was blocking the view somewhat.I could see Cindy laying back and enjoying the attention.She was watching him but then she looked up at the camera and said “He is making me smooth for you, Baby. But I am going to have to have him test it out first.Is that Ok?”

I found myself almost answering the recording.

She then told Jim to move the camera a little so that it could see everything close up.He walked over to the camera and moved the tripod just off to the side.I watched as he adjusted the angle and the screen filled with her foamy crotch.It seemed almost only a few inches away.

I then watched as Jim gently shaved my wife’s pussy. The outer lips first, and then I saw him spread her open so that he could get any hairs that were hiding.He trimmed around her little landing strip above and when he was done, I saw him take the washcloth and rub water over everything and then take the towels and dry her off.I watched as he patted her gently and said “All done.” And then, “It’s beautiful.”

I saw her hand reach down and run across her entire pubic region, then from the bottom to the top, her middle finger gently tapping on her clit.

“It feels nice. Are you ready to check for stragglers now?” she asked him.

“Oh yeah. But first stand up for a second.” He told her.

The camera shifted around some and pulled back to take in more of the room. He focused it back onto the lounger and framed it up just so.Then I saw him walk over to the lounger, and lie down on his back with his head hanging over the edge.I have had Cindy in this position many times as I was feeding her my cock, but I wondered what he was doing.He called her over and had her stand, facing the camera, with one leg on either side of his head.He was now staring right up into her pussy from about six inches away.

“Now don’t sit down. I want to have to reach up for it.” He said. And he proceeded to stick out his tongue and stretch up until he was just grazing her lips with it.I heard her moan and try to crouch down to feel more.

“No. Stand up. Make me work for it.”And he went back to stretching his head up, really reaching for her.I watched as he began to really stick his tongue inside of her.He was starting to make noises as he began to give her a good tongue lashing.I knew that she wouldn’t be able to stand it for long and slowly her knees began to bend and within several minutes she had effectively squatted enough to where she was sitting directly on his face.All I could see was the top of his head and his nose nestled between her legs.She was rocking back and forth and I knew by the sounds she was making that she was getting close to coming.

She then hopped up off of his face.I could see his face glistening with the film of her secretions.I thought to myself how good she tasted and that he was indeed a very lucky man right then.She turned around and straddled his head once again.She lowered herself until she was once more riding his tongue.I could tell now that she was leaning forward and trying to get at his dick.

She began to really move her hips forward and back and I could tell he had found her clit and was giving it special attention.She began to make little mewing noises. I heard her breathing get quicker and soon I was watching as another man brought my wife to orgasm on his tongue.Beautiful.

He then had her get up and he laid down so his feet were facing the camera, then he pulled her back on top of him in a sixty nine position.The camera had a great shot of her taking his hard dick in her hand and then she opened her mouth and engulfed the shaft.I watched as she licked and sucked on him. She would reach down and roll his balls between her fingers and sometimes she would run her nails up and down his thighs.

I heard him say something, but it was a little muffled (you think maybe because of the wet pussy on his face?)She asked him what he said and then more clearly I heard, “Look into the camera.” I had to remember to thank him for that.She pushed her hair back behind her ear and then looked up into the camera lens as she ran her tongue up and down his rod.She then began to really get into playing for the camera.She was performing for me, knowing that I would be watching this video soon.She would look up and say things like “You like this baby?” “You like watching me suck his dick?” “Do you want to see me swallow it all of his cum?”

My dick was so hard at this point.I had to adjust it in my pants.She looked so sexy as she sucked on that cock.She continued to lick, suck, nibble, bite, and pump his dick in so many different ways for about ten minutes.When she began to pump him faster, trying to get him to cum, he finally pulled her up and had her straddle him reverse cowgirl style.

I watched her take a hold of his dick as she swung her leg over him.She used her other hand to spread open her lips and because he was still wet from her blowjob, she sank completely down upon him all at once.I saw her eyes open wide and I heard her moan as she was filled with hard cock. For the next ten minutes or so I watched as she rode his dick like a pro.She would look at the camera every so often and tell me how good his cock felt and how full she was.

I watched as she moved a hand down and began to rub her clit.Her bouncing was becoming harder and harder and in a few minutes I saw her cum while slamming herself down hard on his cock. She looked so damn sexy as her body quivered in the middle of her orgasm.

He gave her a few minutes to catch her breath and then had her get up and then lay back on the lounger with her head near the camera.He got back between her legs and slid back into her warm wet pussy.He began to pump her missionary style and I watched her head lean back almost off the end of the longer.Her long hair hung down and I watched mesmerized as it shook with each thrust he made. He must have been close because after only a couple of minutes, he began to speed up and I heard him start to grunt.I could tell he was ready to fill her full of his cum.

But he had other ideas.I guess he wanted me to see the money shot, because just before he came, he pulled out and began to pump his cock to shoot onto her belly.But that’s not where it landed.He actually shot it all the way up to her face. She had looked up when he pulled out and after the first blast, she leaned her head back and I saw that his first shot had actually landed on her tongue!She had her tongue stuck out as she leaned back and I saw the big white glob sitting there on her tongue. She then closed her mouth and swallowed it down.
The next few shots landed on her tits and the following couple landed onto her belly.She actually took her hands and began to rub it into her tits and around her entire chest. It was incredibly hot to see.He was finally done and collapsed on top of her. He leaned in and kissed her and I could tell he was getting off on the fact that they were squishing his cum between their two bodies. He was even slightly moving his body around to feel it.He looked into the camera and winked.

She told him that she needed to jump into the shower and they both stood and as they walked past the camera, it was shut off.I sat there with my hard cock ready to explode at what I had just seen.As much as I wanted to watch it again, I had the real thing waiting for me in the bedroom. I stood up and headed down the hall.

As I got to the bedroom door I looked in. There, lying naked on the bed, in my eyes was the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world.

“Did you like your present?” she purred as she stared up at me while she gently stroked her bald pussy lips.

‘Yes I did” I said as I removed my clothes. “But I think it’s time for me to check for stragglers.”

And I can say, my tongue found none…………..

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Sharing Cindy Chapter 33 "Cindy and Jim Make a Video For Me"